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FootGolf on the Par 3

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Footgolf, the exciting new sport that’s taking over the golf course at The Address Montgomerie Dubai. A test of skill for any golf or football fan challenge yourself as you navigate the floodlit Par 3 course alone or in a team.

The two games have been combined to create a new age of leisure activity that captures the imagination of sport-lovers everywhere and give a great excuse for friends and colleagues to get together. Manoeuvre your way round the challenging ups and downs of the golf course, without the use of golf clubs, to score against your opponent. With the strategy and precision of golf and the skill and stamina of football.

  • Time :- Anytime subject to availability of the Par 3 course
  • Price :- 100 AED

More information or to book your game, call The Address Dubai Montgomerie Dubai - +971 4 363 1209.